Classical Luxury

Classical and Luxurious Arts and Furniture

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Classical Luxury is a small company that revolves around the wildlife artist and furniture designer, Akvile Lawrence. Akvile's roots as an artist began with exposure through several generations of professional artists in her family: her mother (a professional textile designer and artist) and grandfather (a professional designer and maker of furniture and wooden sculptures). From an early age, Akvile specialized in wildlife paintings and portait paintings. A classical training together with an ability to see the life in her surroundings allows Akvile's acrylic paintings to have a dynamic feeling, capturing the inner soul of the people and animals she paints.

In later years, Akvile developed a passion for classical furniture and interiors, using these as the inspiration for her own designs. Most recently Akvile has teamed up with a Canadian ébéniste (cabinet maker with specialization in marquetry) which led to the formation of Classical Luxury. The result is a company that offers paintings (wildlife and portrait), custom furniture and designs/patterns for those who wish to try themselves.

The overall objective is to provide those of you who have an appreciation for classical design and proportions (e.g. baroque, rococo or neoclassical) with what you are looking for. It may be that you haven't been able to locate anything ready made or haven't the time (or perhaps facilities) to create something. Whatever the situation, we aim to work with you to fill the gap. Everything we produce is to the highest standards and will become an heirloom to be passed through generations.

We currently work from our studio situated in a little coastal village near Norrköping in Sweden, where all of our products are handcrafted individually.