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Custom Work

We specialize in portraits, paintings and furniture in a classical style (e.g. rococo, neoclassical, Gustavian (early and late), Queen Anne...). A major amount of the work that we do is working with customers to provide them with pieces that they have been searching for but unable to find. Customers can have a rough feeling or definite ideas; working together we create a reality.

Are you looking for a very special gift or a painting to comemorate an unforgetfull moment?
Have you been inspired by a piece of furniture, perhaps an antique, but been unable to find anything similar in the "ready-to-go" market"?
Have you inherited a number of magnificent chairs, but would like to have more chairs of the same or similar style?
Maybe you have always wanted a custom made desk for your office with your logo or a family cote of arms?
Or perhaps you restrained yourself from buying something at an auction due to the damage, but would like to have something similar, but new?

Because it is very important that we understand exactly what you are looking for, our custom work revolves around close contact with you, in person, by telephone, skype or by email. If what you describe is sufficiently detailed we create a sketch and/or plans which we then discuss with you. If you have more general ideas and would like some guidance as to possible design choices we are happy to work with you to reach a more concrete concept from which we can create a sketch and/or plans. Once a final design is reached, construction can begin. Larger and more complex pieces of furniture can take a period of time to create and so we keep you updated as to progress.


(Incorporating intricite carved details, marquetry, intarsia, etc.)

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Commissioned Paintings

(Portraits of people, pets, houses, boats, cars, etc.)

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Decorative painting

(Interior decor, furniture, etc.)

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Marquetry and Carvings

(Architectural details, details for renovation of wooden furniture, boiserie, etc. )
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