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Akvile is starting a new series of wildlife paintings involving Swedish castles and manor houses. The first painting is On Alert: Pheasants and Ekanäs Slott (Castle). A colourful male pheasant and a harder to see female warily keep an eye on the surroundings, with Ekenäs Slott in the background.


The latest painting from Akvile is entitled Spring on the Way - Great Tits in motion. A flock of Great Tits searches the emerging dry grasses for seeds remaining from the autumn.


Akvile has completed another painting, this one based on the endangered Iberian Lynx: Narrow Escape - Iberian Lynx. Akvile has continued her action oriented paintings; in this painting there is a desperate chase between the lynx and a rabbit.


Akvile releases a free e-greeting card service based on her wildlife paintings. Choose an image and add a message and the e-greeting card is sent as an email...


Akvile's latest painting is now complete: Polar Bear in Arctic Chase, a highly action-oriented painting set below the surface of a sun-drenched sea. The polar bear is painted in Akvile's usual relistic style, but we are left guessing what it is so intently chasing...


I have been distracted over the last few days from my usual wildlife paintings to creating some "high-tech" uses for my work. I emersed myself in some relatively simple visual basic programming and have now created a screensaver which rotates through 10 of my paintings (the paintings move slowly across the screen, one at a time). I also figured out how to send email from our webpages and so it is not possible to fill out a small form, choose one of my paintings and send a free e-greeting card by email to someone special. Find out more by visiting


A new painting is completed and, for the moment, so is my "affair with blues". "Seagulls lead the way" is the title of the painting; seagulls are featured in the Swedish archipelago. However, I toned down the archipelago by choosing to show just a little of a distant rocky coastline. More prominently, I placed a Swedish-made, elegant "Hallberg-Rassy" yacht in action – as common and as eye-pleasing in the Swedish archipelago as all the little rocky islands.


At Classical Luxury we have (finally) taken a big step forward into the 21st century with a web site and blog. Through the web site you will be able to see the collection of Akvile's work and to buy original acrylic paintings or prints. The blog will keep everyone informed about ongoing and upcoming activities.

Stay tuned!